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In year 9 music we aim to provide students with a rich and diverse musical experience. ​Our curriculum is based on the latest ideas from the new "model music curriculum", which places an emphasis on the enjoyment of music through diverse and practical music making. We believe that music is best learned by doing, and so our program is designed to provide students with opportunities to listen, perform, and compose music. This year has seen huge strides forward into the development of a through-curriculum that develops knowledge and skills as a continuous journey from the first school right the way though to upper school.  Music is one of the first subjects within the Multi Academy Trust to employ a leader for this development who is taking time to coordinate this curriculm.  Obviously, it will take years to fully reap the benefits, but it sure to have considerable impact.

We are highly proud of our outstanding co-curriculum offer, which includes a wide range of ensembles open to students of all levels. From our accessible choirs to our high level concert band and orchestra, we have something for everyone. In addition to these opportunities, we also offer a range of trips and workshops throughout the year, providing students with the chance to experience music beyond the classroom.​ This year they will include; vocal workshop days with professional choral director Charles McDougal and West End musical performers; a scratch choral, orchestral and rock workshop day; trips to the Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra and a trip to the musical Sister Act.

In year 9 our first ​​scheme of work incorporates singing, playing chordal accompaniments on the ukulele and a range of other band instruments and usage of musical vocabulary in order to talk with confidence about their playing . The aim is to develop strong ensemble skills through regular whole class performance. Our second scheme of work is a DAW (digital audio workstation) based project with students creating their own EDM (electronic dance music) composition. This uses listening and analysis to improve understanding of the genre and develops their understanding of the role of technology in the music sector.  This unit also aims to give students a forward look to the concept of music technology, which students can take as an A Level within the school.  The knowledge developed in terms 1 & 2, such as understanding of tonality, harmony, melody & rhythm, are applied and built upon in this second scheme of work.

Both schemes of work are being constantly evaluated, adapted and ​updated to suit the wide range of abilities that we have between students, and also to accommodate the different education experiences in music that they have currently received at their respective middle schools​.