Breakfast ​​

Croissant / Pain au chocolat​e 70p
Bacon roll£1.60
Bacon, egg (2), tomato, mushrooms (per item)​ 55p
Sausage, each​ 70p
​Roll and butter​ 50p
Toast and butter per slice 35p
Jam portion 20p
Porridge or cereal and milk£1.00
Juice Carton 70p

Morning Break ​​

Hot sandwich£2.00
Warm Savoury 75p
Homemade tomato soup (when available)
​Roll and butter

6th form café bar ​​

Americano regular£1.20
Americano large£1.35
Cappuccino / Latte / Hot chocolate regular£1.30
Cappuccino / Latte / Hot chocolate large£1.95
Mocha regular£1.40
Mocha large£2.05
Tea / infusions
Instant coffee / hot chocolate
​ 70p


Main Meals ​​

Meal deal (main meal and pudding, large cake or fresh fruit salad)£3.25
Today specials £2.60
Pasta with sauce
Pasta sauce and cheese
Curry and rice
Baked potato with one topping £2.00
Baked potato with two toppings (and vegetables or salad)£2.60
Chips and cheese or beans
Chips with cheese and beans, veg or salad£2.60

Snacks and drinks ​​

Sandwiches, wraps and filled baguettes

Boxed salad
​Pizza Slice
Potatoes, pasta or rice
Crudités and hummus
Homemade tray bakes
Large cake£1.10
Homemade cookies
Soy toasted seeds 65p
Bottled water  70p
Splash flavoured water
Fruit juice carton
Alibi health drink
Nims Fruit crisps
​ 80p
Yazoo milk drink (400ml)
​Yazoo sugar free (200ml)
​​ 70p
​Fresh fruit
​ 30p
Fresh fruit salad
Muller yoghurt
Mini milk carton
Hot drinks (instant vend snack bar)