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Professional Learning Opportunities 2018-19

In 2018-19 we are offering the following training programmes.  Contacts and email addresses are provided below for each programme:

-NQT* - (Kate Biddle -

-Early Professional Development / RQT - (Vicky Needham -

-Aspiring Middle Leader - (Laura Cheney -

-Aspiring Senior Leader - (Tim Ennion -

-Support for Headship - (Tim Ennion -

-Women Leaders Support Network - (Vicky Needham -


Dorset Teaching School Allaince

*Please note that as a Teaching Alliance we can now act as appropriate body for NQT registration.  We are offering basic NQT registration for £100.


Initial Teacher Training (ITT) – The DTSA ITT partnership is designed and led by outstanding school practitioners, giving our trainee teachers practical training, support and advice, combined with classroom experience in a range of schools.  We work closely with TADSS who offer first/primary phase ITT opportunities in mainstream and special schools across Dorset.  Please contact Laura Cheney for further details of the DTSA ITT partnership (


Continuing Professional Learning – We provide a range of CPL opportunities:

Advice on planning, establishing and successfully running research-focussed professional learning communities or trios.

Advice and support in the areas of SEND (including assistive technology and TA training), teaching English and Mathematics, providing for the most able and technology for learning.  We can offer highly-skilled SLEs (Subject Specialists) in all these areas.    

Regular professional learning events, such as training days or twilight seminars for teachers and/or TAs.  We organise annual CPL days for teachers in October and for TAs in February.

Induction programme for NQTs – We provide a comprehensive induction programme led by experts drawn from across our alliance.  As an appropriate body, we offer a complete induction package, including registration.


Leadership Development – We encourage staff and foster their leadership skills to fulfil their potential as future leaders.  We offer a number of leadership programmes linked to various career phases:

-Early Professional Development for RQTs

-Aspiring Middle Leaders programme for aspiring and current middle leaders

-Aspiring Senior Leaders programme for those aiming to progress to SLT positions

The above programmes comprise twilight seminars, an enquiry-based project and opportunities to learn from established leaders in other schools or non-educational settings.

-Support for Headship - A seminar programme, led by NLE and Headteacher Mike Foley, that focuses on the practical challenges of headship. 

-Women Leaders Network - A support network that addresses the challenges faced by women leaders in schools.


School to School Support (Maths specialists)

-We specialise in Maths support at all key stages (KS1 - A Level), but can also offer subject-specific training and support in most subject areas at KS3, KS4 and A Level, including: 

-SEND (including assistive technology and TA training)

-Providing for the most able

-Technology for learning

-Whole school leadership support, including coaching and/or mentoring for Headteachers 


Research - All of our work is evidence-based and underpinned by on-going research, from finding the most effective ways to develop future leaders to identifying how we might best support other schools.  In addition, we are currently working on four explicit research priorities.  Please let us know if you would like to find out more about any of these projects:

1. Finding more effective and efficient approaches to marking and feedback

2. How to increase parental collaboration in learning 

3. Closing the Gap

Three strands:

-Using assistive technology such as mobile devices and literacy support software to facilitate reading, writing and speaking.

-Developing literacy skills – a multi-faceted strand involving projects in a range of schools to support students' literacy. 

-Supporting EAL students

 4. Trialling different approaches to raise attainment in Maths at KS2 and 3, funded by an Enthuse STEM award (   Strategies include 1-1 coaching by specialist TAs; peer coaching; lesson study and developing an Applied Maths programme.