Supporting Dorset Young Researchers surveys


Dorset County Council has commissioned Action for Children to facilitate a fifth year of the Young Researcher project.  This year the Young Researchers have been tasked with surveying Year 8-13s about their life skills and employability skills.  This will inform the development of Family Partnership Zones and the work of the Careers & Education Company in Dorset.


We ask for your support in the completion of the survey for Years 8-13, this could be during lesson time or by putting a link to the survey on your school website or intranet.  The survey is open from 31 October – 12 December.  The survey will take about 10 minutes to complete.  The information will be collected anonymously and the overall findings will be shared with the Dorset County Council Children’s Services, your school and strategic partners.  When your school generates more than 40 responses we will also share your school’s findings with you.


The survey is can be accessed via this link:

If you look at the survey online please could put ‘TEST’ in one of the open questions so that the survey can be discounted from the research.  Please note that not of all the questions will be asked of every pupil, it depends on their age and their answers to previous questions.