• Self-awareness= one to one interview
  • Opportunities= employer engagement in skills workshops / careers college visits
  • Decision making & Transition = informed personal or group careers interview

    Current Year 10 programme includes sessions (assemblies/lessons/workshops/one to one interview). You can expect to answer the following questions:

    What skills do I have?

    When have I demonstrated them?

    How can I develop them?

    You can expect to prepare written communication in the form of a personal profile

    You can expect to have a group or one to one careers interview

    You can expect to take part in employability skills workshops with external employers

    You can expect to have an interview with an external employer

    You can expect to be offered the opportunity to visit careers college events

    Who to ask for guidance:
    Mr J Dean      Careers Co-ordinator
    Mrs C Hymas  Ansbury Guidance  Careers
    Mrs C SainsburyUCAS
    Mrs K Taylor Sixth Form FUTURES
    Mrs V Needham Professional Pathways Co-ordinator