• Self-awareness = what skills and qualities do I have/ what qualifications can I expect to gain?
  • Opportunities= pathways through assemblies; careers interviews; parents' information evening
  • Decision-making /Transition= choosing pathways ; making applications; preparing CVs

    Current year 11 programme includes (assemblies/ taster sessions/careers college visits/careers interviews)

    You can expect to answer the following questions:

    What are the various pathways open to me?

    Which pathway should I take?

    What's my back up plan?

    What information do I need and who do I ask about alternatives to sixth form?

    You can expect to have help and guidance with making an application/ creating a CV?

    And to know who to go to for help with these?

    You can expect to know when you should make applications by?

    You can expect to know what the entry requirements are for different pathways?

    You can expect to have opportunities to visit Careers College

    You can expect to be able to make an appointment to see the school careers advisor

Who to ask for guidance:
Mr J Dean       Careers Co-ordinator
Mrs C Hymas  Ansbury Guidance  Careers
Mrs C SainsburyUCAS
Mrs K Taylor Sixth Form FUTURES
Mrs V Needham Professional Pathways Co-ordinator