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title.jpg The Aspire Programme

The Thomas Hardye Theatre Aspire Programme aims to expose young people of Dorset to inspirational figures from their dream jobs. It allows them to become more informed about how to progress in that industry and gives them a role model that they can aspire to.


Courtesy of the programme, we were able to offer drama students, and the wider public, with the opportunity to see Blackeyed Theatre at half the usual price. They were also able to have the chance to speak to the actors about joining the industry and about touring theatre.


We also arranged for inspirational journalist, Kate Adie, to lecture about her life in the media - this was a sell out event that allowed students and public alike to gain an insight into her wonderful career.


Later in the year, we are excited to host members of the hugely successful theatre company, Complicite, who will speak about their industry as well as lead a workshop based around developing characters.

To become a friend of the programme, please contact to find out about how to help. We would be particularly interested in hearing about links you already have with inspirational figures.


Alternatively, please donate to the programme.


All donations will be used to pay for speakers/ pay for their travel/ pay for the upkeep of the theatre.